API Road Map News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API definition conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is testing their APIs, going beyond just monitoring and understand the details of each request and response.

Title Source Visit
See whats coming soon on Postmans product roadmap (2017-04-20) blog.getpostman.com
Twitter unveils a new API platform roadmap and vision for its developer community (2017-04-06) techcrunch.com
Technology Managers Roadmap to Cloud Control (2017-03-07) www.avnetwork.com
5 Tips for an Effective Agile Product Roadmap (2017-02-06) nulab-inc.com
Wordpressorg Releases Plans For Customization In 2017 (2017-01-19) torquemag.io
The Developer Feedback Loop (2016-11-09) dzone.com
Suggestions and priorities are taken from the Tyk community and put into our open roadmap (2016-09-22) trello.com
Tweet What039s the difference between your product roadmap strategy and vision httpstco4hfmqmam9N httpstco6rv13GByIl (2016-09-13) twitter.com
Product Roadmap Tools 5 Easy Steps to Get Started (2016-09-16) www.huffingtonpost.com
GitHub Platform Roadmap GitHub Developer Guide (2016-09-14) developer.github.com
GitLab Master Plan (2016-09-13) about.gitlab.com
Startup Growth Roadmap Get from idea to product market fit (2016-09-10) growthroadmap.pagedemo.co
Using Pricing to Inform Your Roadmap (2016-09-08) www.mindtheproduct.com
Startup Growth Roadmap Get from idea to product market fit (2016-09-10) growthroadmap.pagedemo.co
The Value of a Technology Roadmap (2016-09-01) www.huffingtonpost.com
Our New Public Product Roadmap (2016-08-17) blog.readme.io
The Product Roadmap and the Release Plan (2016-08-18) www.romanpichler.com
Help us make our Open States API even better (2016-08-05) sunlightfoundation.com
Help make the next USASpendinggov better (2016-08-01) sunlightfoundation.com
4 Signs You Need a Product Roadmap (2016-07-29) www.huffingtonpost.com
Our Public Product Roadmap Hasnt Ruined Our Business At All (2016-07-07) community.uservoice.com
Product Roadmap May 2016 (2016-05-27) www.clearbooks.co.uk
The Month At A Glance Road Map Support And The Recent Posts For Your API Platform (2016-04-30) apievangelist.com
What could be better What needs to be added Tell us we can take it Tyk (2016-04-28) tyk.io
Slack Nails the Reasons Why You Open Up and Share Your API Road Map (2016-04-14) dzone.com
Roadmap for Apache Camel 218 and towards Camel 3 (2016-04-05) dzone.com
The Slack Platform Roadmap (2016-04-07) medium.com
Slack Nails The Reasons Why You Open Up And Share Your API Road Map (2016-04-07) apievangelist.com
Slack just opened up its Trello board so you can see what its going to build next (2016-04-07) thenextweb.com
The Slack Platform Roadmap (2016-04-07) medium.com
How To Build A Product Roadmap Everyone Understands (2016-03-11) medium.com
Road mapping Magnolia (2016-01-20) www.magnolia-cms.com
Should a roadmap be public (2016-01-20) www.magnolia-cms.com
Microsoft Increases The Visibility Of Their API Driven Platform With A New Road Map (2016-01-04) apievangelist.com
OLDaily by Stephen Downes (2015-12-20) www.downes.ca
An Update on the LoopBack Roadmap and Backlog (2015-02-18) strongloop.com
How to Improve the Resource Timing API (2015-01-08) blog.catchpoint.com

If you think there is a link I should have listed here feel free to tweet it at me, or submit as a Github issue. Even though I do this full time, I'm still a one person show, and I miss quite a bit, and depend on my network to help me know what is going on.